2nd Grade Classes

rain forest
Second grade is going to do a unit on forests, mainly focusing on rainforests. We are going to do some research on the importance of forests in our environment and figure out the differences between deciduous, coniferous and rainforests.  Once we figure out the differences, we will focus on the life that is in the rainforest, deforestation and how it hurts our environment, where they are located and hopefully learn a little bit about global warming.  

The students will primarily be using Discovery Education, Britannica Online Encyclopedia, research books and other online links for their research.  The online tools are always available at home through their Class Link and our school website.

The students will then be responsible for a Power Point presentation highlighting the main learning points of the rain forest.  This should be an information filled unit.  I hope that your students come home and start asking you questions that you can look up together.

Standards Addressed

Compare and describe changing patterns in nature that repeat themselves, such as weather conditions including temperature and precipitation, day to day and season to season.

Compare and contrast the basic needs that all living things, including humans, have for survival.

Recognize and explain that living things are found all over Earth, but each is only able to live in habitats that meet its basic needs.

Identify a variety of digital tools used for communication and collaboration (e.g., online library catalogs and databases).

Prepare a simple presentation of digital products and applications.

Create, review, and revise artifacts that include text, images, and audio using digital tools.

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